Lancaster Big Box - Brädspel rektrp6015-Leksaker

Spännande och underhållande brädspel.

För 2-5 spelare. Speltid: 60 min. Ålder: 10+. Engelsk version

In 1413, the new king of England, Henry V of Lancaster, has ambitious plans: The unification of England and the conquest of the French crown!

Each player takes the role of the head of an ambitious aristocratic family. Secure your familys legacy and provide the best support for the young king and become the most powerful Lord of the realm. In Lancaster, if you use your resources strategically and wisely, you can progress from being a simple Lord to being the most powerful ally of the king.

The Lancaster Big Box contains the following items:
  • Lancaster - the base game
  • Expansion 1 - Lancaster: The New Laws, 18 new laws for the Lancaster board game
  • Expansion 2 - Lancaster: Henry V - The Power of the King, which consists of two expansions that can be added to the game either independently or in combination: At the Kings Court The Kings Resentment
  • Queenie 1 - Lancaster: Reward Tiles, containing 9 tiles for use with the basic game and 3 exchange tiles for use in combination with the expansion Henry V - The Power of the King.
  • New game Board - board with new artwork to play Lancaster
Julgranskula Rosa Jonas
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